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Compassionate, Convenient and  Low Stress Mobile Grooming




Zen Dog Mobile Dog Grooming

I'm excited to launch my new mobile grooming business in January 2022 servicing dogs of the Capital region. I have over 20 years experience working in a grooming shop, and am thrilled to launch this new service to come directly to your house and provide your dog with a one-on-one groom in a calm environment. Mobile grooming  makes a big difference in giving your pet the most compassionate, convenient, and low stress grooming experience possible. I look forward to meeting your pup and bringing the grooming salon and a zen experience directly to you.

Why Choose Zen Dog Mobile Spa?

There are many benefits to choosing a mobile grooming experience over salon grooming. At Zen Dog Mobile Spa, these are a part of our high-standard care:

  • 20+ years grooming experience

  • All pets are completely dried by hand

  • Kennel free

  • Quiet, calm, and relaxing environment

  • No other barking dogs, interrupting your pet's experience

  • Clean and sanitary environment. Van is cleaned, vacuumed and disinfected between grooms, and deep cleaned nightly.

  • Brand new state-of-the-art grooming van and equipment

  • No need to transport a dirty pet into your vehicle

  • Premium shampoos and products individualized to your dogs skin and coat needs

  • I am fully vaccinated and boosted, if you would prefer I wear a mask when meeting just let me know.

Mobile grooming is a low stress, luxurious and convenient service. We come right to your house in our grooming van, giving you the ability to have your pet groomed without having to drive to a salon and have them stay for hours on end. We are a totally cage free one on one grooming experience.

Not only will they have a more calm, better experience, but it's also a shorter groom time. Your pet is my only customer while I am at your house. They will receive my exclusive attention during the entire groom - no ringing phones, no incoming customers, no other distractions. Grooming time is approximately an hour to and hour and half, large and double coated dogs can take up to two hours.

Renee gave my dog a full little spa day and our elderly puggle had such a stress free appointment!! She still smells great days later, which is huge bc she's a smelly old lady! 

Kaira Kristbergs


If you are looking for your four-legged friend to be pampered I highly recommend Renee Bautista and the Zen Dog Mobile Spa. Today was our dog Doejie spa day. We can never take him anywhere to be pampered. Well, I am happy to say he did fabulous today! He's never looked or smelled better! She definitely has a customer in us for life!

Tracy Van Hattum

I can't say enough about the way Renee takes care of the dogs she grooms. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to take their animal for a spa treatment. She treats her "clients" like her own!

Shana Back


I offer a variety of services based on the specific grooming needs of your dog, and have decades of experience working with and grooming, including many seniors and those with health and behavioral issues. Please click the button below for more information on what services are offered for each breed, starting prices, and more.

PLEASE NOTE- I am currently booked and not accepting new clients. If you would like to be put on the wait list please message me with information about your dog (breed, weight, age, picture, location).

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